Come on babies grease your lips

put on your hats and swing your hips

Only the beautiful fiends survive...
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Welcome to DivinexDominate!

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1. You may not promote! The first time you will be given a warning. The next time we are kicking your ass out!

2. This is a rating community. However, no racism, ignorance, or foul comments will be allowed. I will kick you out the first time you do this.

3. You must make the subject of your first journal (application) "you kill"...this is so i know you read this. You must post within 24 hours of joining.

4. You can't give someone a "no" because you don't like their bands. get over the fact that not everyone listens to YOUR music.

5. When posting entries you may post as many pics as you would like as long as they are behind an lj cut. if you don't know how go to FAQ. you may only put one teaser picture.

6. You can't post entries full of petty shit in your life. do that in your own personal lj.

7. In the end i will determine whether or not you stay pending on votes and whether or not you followed rules.

8. If rejected come back in a week with new pics<3

9. I WILL NOT tolerate your ignorance so be careful of what you say.

10. Boys CAN apply


Top 10 Bands-
Top 10 Movies-
Favorite Quote-
Favorite book-
Favorite Brand of Make up-
Favorite pair of shoes you own-
Most Beautiful Woman in history-
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